Thursday, January 23, 2014

Plastic Bag Dispenser

Dear Friends!!!

Its been a long time since I blogged. Thought of starting it again. Took up a loooong break due to some personal issues.

This project was there in my mind a long time, and now I made it.

Everybody home has a corner where all he plastic bags are collected in a plastic bag. It looks somehow untidy. So I want to change this to look tidy and also wanted to collect all the plastic bags in a neat way.

I came across this plastic bag dispenser in interest, and felt happy that I have an outlet to convert my place look tidy. This is how it looked after I made this :)

I am so happy to share what learnt and did..

All I used in this project was scrapped cloths I had which was extra bits out of my shalwar material after stitching.

Arrange all the scrap cloths as per your wish, sew them up as below.

In the below, stitch up with elastic, allow a small hole to pull out a plastic bag at dawn.

Now sew it as a cylinder, then make a strap and join up at the top to hang it on the nail.

Now hang it up, you can very easily dispense the plastic bags with tidy look.!!

I enjoyed a lot making it. And my hubby appreciated me a lot for this tidy look. :)
Hope this will be helpful :)
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day Card

Last year, I bought card for my dad from Archeis store. This time, in this MP village I do not have a store to select a card. It gave me a chance to Make a card for my dad.

The shirt card attracted me a long before and make one for my dad. The wish came true soon.

Its a concept of card inside a shirt. Where i managed to tell my dad why He is THE BEST, by some points.

I bought some china made scissors, which give shapes to the corner. Its been a year since I bought that, and now onlyI used it.

I loved this cartoon, which I saw in google a long time. I used this here.

 Hope you like my card made for my lovable dad. Enjoy Father's day... Daughters, its specially for us. I love my dad infinity. May god bless you all.. cheers.. 
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Plate Paintings..

It was a Deepavali time, This time I made sweets in home. As the culture, I wanted to share the sweets and happiness to other people also. So bought some thermocoal plates. You all know, the whole sale person, wont give it to our need, and these excess thermocoal plates are lying in home. I got up with an idea to pain on those. The center part is a clear one and it was easy to do paintings.

Hope you all like my work.. Please write up all your C&C

See you all soon with new project. 
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Juicy Friday - Carrot, Apple & Ginger Punch

Its sooo sooo hot here.. We have consume lots and lots of liquid. Those have to be  tasty right. So in order make Prak evenings to be surprising and adventurous,  I tried to make different Mocktails and Fruit Juices.

Happy to share those with you..

Here is the end Result.. :)

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

KFC's Choco peanut Bolt

I am a pure vegetarian, where Prak is a pure non vegetarian. When ever we visit KFC, I end up eating finger chips.

When, these krushers are newly introduced in KFC, as a chocolate lover, I opted to taste Chaco Peanut Bolt drink. It is really krunchy and heavenly in taste. I fell in love with this Choco Peanut Bolt..

This let me to get in to research on how they make it.

When I was casually watching TV, I saw KFC advertisement about these Krushers. I found the secret main recipe that is choco biscuits, peanut and milk.

So I tested my hands on making those. And yes, It was success and Prak did liked it, told it is 99% close to the real KFC krusher.

Here is recipe for you.. :)

Here are step by step Procedures..

NOTE: The most important point is, once added the peanuts and crushed oreo biscuits with blended mixture, the blender hs to run just for a second or the crunchiness will be lost.

Once it is blended.... KFC's Choco Peanut Bolt Krunches is Ready... :) Serve Chill..

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Wall Art - MP 2

Hmmm... I am in new city is a old story now. But this wall art is the new story.

I want to make a wall art, which is simple, cute yet eye catchy one for bed room. When i searched through the google, I got those cute little kids kissing each other... It looked soo cute, and I decided this should be my wall art.

As usual, I did not get the chart papers here in Siddhi. These bought in Delhi itself. And.. It is same procedure as any wall art I have done in my Blog.

How about the light lamp, moon shine and the stars.. with those cute little kids..

Here is my lovely cuties..

Hope you all like it.. Please continue your lovely support which is my energy boost up.. 
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