Thursday, September 30, 2010

KASUDAMA FLOWERS- A Art Out Of Waste.....

Dear Friends

While i am going through some blogs and sites i learnt this...
i really liked this...

i tried this and got suceed also.. as i imagined....

here i am sharing this with you.... with steps.. how to do it also...

hope this will help u....


take any colorfull magazine in your home..
cut the colorful papers in perfect squre... and keep as much u needed...

take one square of paper

Take the paper square, and fold it in half the diagonal way. It should now look like a triangle.

Take the two 45 degree angle flaps, and fold them to the top point. You should now have a formed square.


 Fold the flaps backwards, half way, so that the folded back edges line up with the edges of the square beneath

 Unfold as shown.

 Fold one of the triangular flaps in, against itself.

 Repeat with the other flap and turn over again.
 There should be a crease going along the middle of each of the two flaps or triangles, fold along those creases

 Glue the top of the folded flaps, or where indicated by the image. Using a glue stick may be a good idea, since it dries so quickly, or you can use white liquid glue as shown here.
 Take the folded flaps and bring them together, fastening them in place, it may slip off, so you could try lightly taping it together, or hold it in place.

 Make four more of these.
 Apply glue to the "center" of each piece. The "center" is where the folded edges meet (where they were glued together previously). Spread out the glue so that the centers of the pieces can stick together securely.
 Wait for the glue to dry completely, otherwise, the petals will slip apart.

 and..... stick all these flowers one by one... ove by over... by keeping one as base....

make it as a balll.....

it will look like a clutch of flowers....

here the flower balll
 make like..... some other..... make your creativity.... do wat evr shape you want..... and... do some wall hangings anything think you think and your mind says.....
 here.... the wall hanging that i made...

ENJOY......... the creativity.... Have a great time with papers now..... Meet you all with another paper craft soon..... :) Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Reverse Glass Painting

Dear Friends.

Reverse glass painting looks like tanjore painting.
but not looks exact tanjore painting.
its easy an quite simple to prepare and do the painting.
most of the people knows the reverse glass painting.
here i am posting the techniques for the people who tries to do the painting.

Needded Items
                                           1. printed glass

                                           2.  stone fillers

3. camlin Fabric colors (camlin is more good than others on glass)

4. Gold Dust and Medium (for gold dust and silver dust- to make gold paint)

5. Brushes

6. Skin Color Oil Paint

7. palette- for mixing colors

8. Aluminum Foil Sheet

Stems To Paint:

1. take the printed glass. reverse the glass. Move your finger tips gently on the reverse side of the glass. You will feel the printing of the picture. Here you are going to paint.

2. wipe out the dust in the reverse side of the glass gently by clean cotton cloth.

3. take the stone fillers. See all the stone spots in the pictures. In background as well as in jeweleries. Squeeze the bottle gently and fill all the stone spots. Please make sure that there is no bubble formations. When you are wrongly done you can wipe out the spot by cotton cloth. wipe gently, if pressure is given the printing in the glass will be gone.

Now the stones are filled.

4. GOLD COLOR FILLING: Preparing gold color
take a pallet, put some quantity of gold dust in the palette, pour some right amount of medium, mix the dust well along with the medium (if medium is more, you can see the while medium floating or if the dust is more you can see the dust not mixed with the medium- so add medium or dust according to need and prepare the gold mixture)

5. fill the gold color in the picture. in background and jewellary

7. By camlin fabric colors fill the dressing and background of ganesha. Fill the dothi, fill the shawl. fill the eyes. and fill the background. Colors are in your choice as per your taste and picture.

8. allow it for drying.

9. After Drying- Take a sponge and take skin color oil point in sponge.gently tap in the skin portion of the picture. This should be done at last after filling all colors.

10. allow it to get dry.

11. take aluminum foil sheet and spread it on the painted side of the picture.

12. frame it.

REVERSE GLASS PAINTING IS READY Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

5 Dots kolam

Dear Friends....

recently i prepared around 30 kolams..... for daily usage in 5-5 dots (straight) form.

thought of sharing those with you people.

this may help you....

and most of these are created by my own..... it took 3 days for me to finish one sheet.

hope this will be help full for you
Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My poster Colors - colored my room

Hello Friends!!!

i did some drawings.....
and i made use of those in decorating my room..

here all are my pics when i was a kid....
all my pics are arond butterflies...
jus chart paper, poster color, my pictures and cello tape.

and u knw.. these all working arond for 3 years.... with same brightness...

and here in kithen tooo

tried to make it is modular kitchen... he he he he he but not successfulll... ;) Looking forward your boosting comments :)

My Photography- Sunrise

Hi Friends...

When i was going for morning walking... up to the beach...
I couldnt stop myself from taking my mobile and clicking awesome sun.

my clickings for your view.... :)

my clicking for your view.... :)
Looking forward your boosting comments :)