Saturday, May 21, 2011

Recycled- Salt and Pepper bottles...

Dear Friends... this is a simple things.... don wanna make it a new post... but still i have a joy of sharing the thing i did.... i just wanted to keep a salt and pepper bottle in my dining table.... not interested to go for shopping for next couple of weeks.. so i came up with this idea... and my hubby liked it.... u just need a simple small and attractive shaped bottle... i used Nescafe cofee powder bottle.... 1. just peel off the paper on the top of the bottle, and wash it. dry it nicely... 2. take off the paper cover in the bottle cover... 3. heat the tip of a sharp knife until it turns red.... 4. make holes in the bottle top. (take care of yourself .. if u try this) 5. take a two different attractive colors of permanent markers of your wish.. 6. just scribble on the bottle as salt.... you have a attractive salt and pepper bottle in your dining table... of no cost.. Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Nail Art- Printed Nails

Dear Friends... I came to know how to do printed letters in the nails, which will show your nails as printed with letters as in newspaper. this looks cools and it is very easy to do also.. the following are the materials needed for the Printed nail art. 1. nail polish (any light and pale shade of polish) 2. Isoprophyl rubbing alcohol. 3. waste small bits of newsparer which contains the prints. 5. top coat nail polish step No 1 apply the light shade nail polish in your nails neatly Step No 2 After the nail polish gets dry, dip your nail in to the isoprophyl alcohol for 10 to 15 seconds Step No 3 Now take a piece of newspaper. place it in your nail. press and rub gently. Remove the paper gently out of your nail Step No. 4: Repeat the steps for all the nails. NOW YOU WILL GET PRINTED NAILS. Step No 4: Now apply the top coat nail polish and protect your nail art. FUN WILL CONTINUE..... :) Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Dear Friends am happy to meet you all after a long time.... Am here to post my Rangoli which i did in my college days in a function..... it is fully by crystal salt, tea powder and color dusts.... Here for all your view.... 

Looking forward your boosting comments :)