Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hello Friends How are you alll.... I am fine here... soo couldn't sit ideal.. soo i am back here to meet you all here I got these stones when we went to manali in the river side... I saw like this in some blog.. did not remember the blog... it was good.. so i came up with some of my creativity... and i am here You can design what ever you want... and using that you can decorate your house.. at what ever.... Here my idea... i want to use these stones like these.. soo i am here to show my idea here... hope you all will enjoy and like this...
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Night Lamp- A Art Out Of Waste

Dear Friends I am back to say a HI to you all with my new creation.. This i wanna do for long time.. a lamp for ma living room.. near my sitting cushions... So i came up with this idea as i dont want to spend much money.. You need, 1. a tall plastic, transparent container 2. OHP marker 3. Glass colors 4. Fabric paint Colors (optional) 5. Serial Lights i. first clean the plastic container ii. draw your needed design in the container by OHP marker iii. fill colors with glass colors- here i have given free strokes, i.e i have given a scribbles in the design iv. make needed out lines by fabric paint colors (optional) v. keep the serial lights inside the container vi. turn it upside down vii. lights on here for your view... and need your valuable comments.... Meet You all With My next Creation.... Bye Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wall Docor II

Hello Friends!!!! How you all doing??? I am here with you all- with my same old wall decor... but with different design... i liked this soo much... i got this design in a wall painting blog.... and... i ended up with my scissors and black chart.. the design in the cage is painted by poster colors...
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Cute PANDA- Nail Art- TUtorial Dear Friends!!! Hope you all doing good!!!! As Many of my friends requested, I am here with the tutorial session of panda nail art.. this is very simple ... yet very cute...

The things You Need: 

1. black color nail polish 
2. white color nail polish 
3. top coat 4. tiny brush (optional) Top Coat- is a transparent nail polish which gives more shine to your nails and also makes your nail art to stay for long time. 

The steps are 
  Hope You all Liked it.. MAY GOD BE WITH YOU.. Meet You all Again in ma next post
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Needle Holder Couch

Dear Friends!!! Hope you all are doing good!!! While i was sewing i was having hard time in finding the needles in my sewing box. Then i came to this idea of making a couch for all needles to rest on.. And it is very easy to find them too... Dont want to search for it when we needed. This is made up of old tin and scrap cloths. This will be very useful to buddies handling needles and thread. I got this idea through some foreign sewing blogs, where many of sewers were having this. Here i am sharing my NEEDLE HOLDER COUCH with you all!! hope it will be useful to you all.. and you all will like it. HAPPY SEWING..!!! Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scrap Cloth- Fridge cover- Hand Painted designs

Hello Friends.. !!!! Hope you all are fine... And again i am happy to show you all my next new work.. I was in need of fridge cover for a long time... and i was having lots of scrap cloths with me.. which is left over from chirichars... so this came up in me .... the cover is fully made up of joining the scrap cloths.. available in the home.. the designs are hand painted using fabric acrylic paints... here for you all... TOP VIEW Dear Friends.. SIDE VIEW THE OTHER SIDE VIEW THE FULL VIEW Hope you all like it.. and this is a cost saving and easy washing one... And.. will be soon to meet you all with my next work... Until... take care and Bye...
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