Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lemon Rasam

Dear Friends

I know rasam is simple dish and you all know it. But.. I am here with Lemon rasam for my best friend who requested.. Na …. Na… ordered me to put it in my blog.. So, she can refer whenever she wants. 

So here I am with Lemon Rasam. 

First I want to share all good things about Rasam

Rasam is a great south Indian food; no meal is finished without rasam. Rasam gives the full satisfaction to the meal.

Actually rasam helps in digestion; it is prepared with Tamarind pulp juice, pepper, cumin seeds and with spices. 

There are different varieties of rasam. They are

1.       Lemon rasam- lemon juice in normal rasam
2.       Dal rasam- Dal juice in normal rasam
3.       Tomato rasam- tomato juice (puree) in normal rasam
4.       Pepper rasam- Lots of pepper (grinded manually) in normal rasam.
All has its own taste and medicinal value. 

Here I am explaining the Lemon rasam. 

If you want to prepare normal rasam, just don’t add lemon. It gives the normal rasam. 

Let us go to recipe 

Tamarind juice- 1 cup
Tomato – 1 no
Small onions- 5-7 nos
Red chilies or green chilies- 1 or 2
Garlic – 3 to 5 pods
Cumin powder- 2 table spoon
Pepper powder- 2 table spoon
Asafoudica – 2 pinch
Salt- to the taste
Coriander leaves
To season-  Mustard seeds, urad dal, cumin seeds

Step 1
Make tamarind pulp juice add cumin powder and pepper powder in to it

 Step 2:

Add chopped tomatoes in to the tamarind juice

Step 3:

Add Green chilies or red chilies in to the same
Step 3:

Smash the onions and garlic in metate (hand grinder)

Step 4:

Add smashed onions and garlic in to the tamarind juice.

Step 5:

Add salt as per taste

Step 6:

Take half lemon. Remove the seeds. Squeeze the juice in to tamarind juice

Step 7:

Smash and mix all together by hand.

Step 8:

Add water as per quantity need.

Step 9:

Keep in medium flame, and boil it

Step 10:

Add Asafoudica.

 Step 11:

Boil it. make it to boil and come up for 3 to 4 times.

Step 12:

Take Frying pan. Fry mustard, urad dal and cumin seeds

Step 13:

Add it in to the Rasam when the mustard are popping and bursting

Step 14:

Stirr it once

Step 15:

Add coriander leaves. if needed add grated coconut also.

Rasam Ready.. :)
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kamatchi Lamp

Hello Friends!!!!

I am very happy to meet you all once again...

Here i want to share about the Kamatchi lamp...... it is a oil lamp... you can see this in all south indian pooja room.....

It is very auspicious and it is given by Mother to her daughter when she is going to her husband home after marriage.

First i want to tell you all about Kamatchi...

       The Feminine Divinity has enshrined in many places on earth with Thousands of different names. In India, She takes upon the name of Kamatchi in Kanchipuram, Meenakshi in Madurai, Vishalatchi in Kasi, KanyaKumari in Cape Comorin, Bagavathy in Kodungallur and so on. This doctrine of female divinity has established Divine as firm roots among Hindus. The worship of the Divine as Mother evokes motherly traits of tenderness, generosity and love. 

Mother Kamatchi has very special eyes, as portrayed in her name itself. The word 'Kama' can be refered to as Love, wanton or attractive, magnetic pull. Thus, the name means one who has a beautifully dazzling and captivating eyes. But the word 'Kaa' also means means Sri Lakshmi and 'maa' means Sri Saraswati, as in Kamatchi, the Supergoddess with Sri Parvathi, Sri Lakshmi and Sri Saraswati as her eyes. She blesses all that dedicate themselves to her.

Hence by the above we can clearly know Kamatchi is form of three goddess. 

         Devi kamakshi resides in the lamp in the form of the "light" that comes from the lamp. We consider devi kamakshi as the main source of shakti and from herself only all the other devathas gets their energy.

       Even today the shrine of devi kamakshi will be closed very late and opened early (considering all the powers of other deities will comes into devi kamakshi and gets energised and released by the next morning).

       Thinking all these things, our elders called the lamp which destroys our agnana as "Devi Kamakshi Lamp". As a sign of wealth and prosperity devi gajalakshmi statue occupies a place there.

         Because, in the shrine of Devi kamakshi lakshmi resides as arupa lakshmi. She offers wealth and prosperity to devotees of devi kamakshi who offers the "prasadha kumkum of devi kamakshi" to her.Similarly in our house also Lakshmi resides in the lamp. Ladies will offer first kumkum near the lamp considering as devi kamakshi and then with the same hand, apply it to the lakshmi above the lamp.

Hope you all like my post

Infos: From various websites
Pics: Riyaa Kathir 
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Egg Pastaa

Dear Friends...

Pata is a fun food.... as it has different shapes and sizes, Kids love pastaaa..... we can make more receipe in it.... 
I do most of the time Tomatto Pasta and Egg pasta..... Today Morning i did Egg Pasta for my Big Kid Prak (my Hubby). Thought of sharring with you  all

You Will Need:
1. Egg- 2 nos
2. Soya sause
3. Chilli sause
4. Pepper powder
5. Salt for taste

Servings : 2 kids

Egg, Vinegar (optional- add only if you need more sourness) Soya sauce, Chilli Sauce

Boil the pasta... please be side of the pan and stirr it.... or pasta gets stick to the pan.. I have taken Elbow pasta..

Boiling Pasta

Take another kadai and fry Egg

Just fry the egg and make it crumbled.
Crumbled Egg

Strain the Water from the pasta..

Now Add Pasta to the Crumbled Egg..
Simmer the Flame.
Add 2 table spoon of soya sauce, chilli sauce and salt (as per taste).
Mix the proportion well.

Cooked Pasta with Sauces

Now Add a table spoon of pepper powder and mix the mixture well, flame in simmer. 

Adding Pepper powder

Now serve Hot
Egg Pasta

Please try if you like it and say how it was to me

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Me and My Brass


Brasss are always ethnic and beautiful view in the home... 

I tried my level best in my brass decorations in my home.... 

Pitambari Plays a vital role in keeping all my Brass and Copper sparkling in my home and pooja room.... 

It gives holy look to my home..... 

Anna Poorani... My favorite Goddess..... sparkling with her smile....

The beautiful royal Kamackchi lamp is more Royal now....

Sparkling Poorani

Smiling Anna Poorani....

Royal Kamakchi Lamp...
The First God- With Sparkling Lamps and Bell
Shiva Vagana Nandhi In Bell

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Monday, November 7, 2011

My Home Tour

Dear Friends...

I live in a small flat due to situations as my work place is very much walkable. Though it is small... my mind strongly said... Only look keeps the home and make the home look beautiful not the space. 

 My home just consist of a Hall, a very small kitchen... where a single person can stand and work, and a bedroom attached washroom.

So.... I have bought a Sofa set.. which is simple and can come in to my Main hall.  We selected the one which suits my Home wall color and background color. 

The next project is the Window Screens. We selected the same as per the background color of my home which suits the Sofa color too... and now that also playing a great role.. 

Ganesha Idol... It is very good to keep in entrance of the hall in any home. As i dont have space in my home,  i have kept Ovan in the hall itself where two sitter dining table is place.. At top of the Ovan, my ganesha is royally sitting accompanied with a brass bell. 

Then comes the Ancient love couples "marapachis" which gives immense place in Tamil homes Golu.. This couple gives their presence in my home in a corner surrounded by painted pebbles. 

Then you can see the Urli.. which is welcoming you with flowers and always have a Brass Tumblar ready to get water and help you to convince your thirst. 

 Then comes all my normal hand words in my home... where you have seen in my previous blog posts...

Thanks for visiting my home....

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Urli.... A welcoming Note...

Hello Friends...

I am meeting you all after a long gap.. and my scope of blogging is keep on increasing... all thanks to fellow bloggers from i have been inspired...  

Today I came up with a ethnic idea.... It looks fabulous and always a soothing welcoming note to the guests and even to you when you are back home after you tiresome office. 


It is a vessel... made up of brass... The origin of this vessel is south India... especially Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
In the past days of our granys and grandpas... these are used for cooking large amount of food which is to be served huge volume of people.  
Now these URLIs are used as mainly interior decorating and beautiful ornament for your home. 

In kerla... the urlis are used for making pookolam (rangoli by flowers) in it. The colorful flowers are made floating on the water inside the Urli... 

This gives very good ambiance to your home..... these are mainly kept in the entrance of the home or in the Hall. This is very good welcoming to you and all your guests. 

The flowers which are floating in the water last for at least 2 to 3 days..... so.. once in three days if the flowers and water should be changed. 

Here i am presenting the Urli in my home..... 

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