Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Wishes

Dear My Readers!!!!

I am very happy to start a brand new year with you all.. Its my pleasure and God's gift that i got you all..

I thank you all who follow me and visits my blog regularly..

Need all your love and support in coming year too...

I baked cake after long time.... Though i am not much satisfied with the cake.... i am happy to give you a sweet. I don't know to make icing. Even though it don't look great, it really tasted heaven.

Here the Chocolate cake with Chocolae granuals and Chocolate putting. Enjoy.

May all your dreams come true and let you be always happy in coming years..

Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

My B' Gift- Trip To Amrister

My Hubby Prak planned for a surprise visit as my birthday gift. I guessed it should be Taj Mahal as he love to see Taj at Winter season. He used to tell me.. Taj has mesmerizing beauty in Winter.. It is lovely to see among mist.

But the gift trip was - A great and special Darshan at Golden temple Amrister.

Prak love Gujarat a lot. after that He likes Punjab. yes it has the valuable reasons to be.

I found Punjab is the state of Spirituality- Culture- Patriotism.

i am hear to share my experience in Amrister for two days.

We started in sadhapti train from Delhi by 7.20 am. We reached there by 2.00. we planned to finish the lunch by 3 and start to Wagah Border.

Wagah Border- India Pakistan Border

we hired a auto- who took us from railway station...
he was very respectful and very caring...
all the way i was wondering how he made his tarban in his head..
it was beautiful and well did. 

The whole route was very green.. it was very nice to see agricultural farms after long time

It was about 20minutes travel. We reached the border.. as it is saturday.. it was heavy rush.. If we dont go in time, we wont get place. 

while i was entering this place, i saw long Que of loaded lorries. Prak told me, these lorries are going to Pakistan taking food and other goods.. 

Prak took my hand and started running. I followed him.. in all direction he turned me...

We were stopped for checking, in checking it got heavy late. At last we lost. We could not make it. We are at last.

Me and prak decided to jump and pass the gate (a small gate which is at India arch- inside this the parade happens)

Prak jean tore... but he did not stop screaming loud "vande mathram" i know prak is patriotic, but i saw his patriotism in this occasion only...

Superb Parade. thousands of people gathered... all loud at maximum of their voice "vande mathram"

Wow... What a great situation... it was creating horripilation all over my body.

even when i am writing this i am getting goosebumps..

Here the crowd

Here the Parade 

Here the Indian and Pakistan Border

   The practice is.. daily by morning 6 they hoist the flag, and by evening 6 they dehoist the Flag. This happens in both the border. During this, parade and "vande Madaram" sounds loud as giving respect to national flag.

Then comes Delhi- Lahore- Delhi bus.

There is daily bus which starts by evening 6. it has Syrians. When this bus enters India in front two gaurds and back two gaurds gives protection. the same they do in Pakistan. It is 18 hour journey.

See the Pakistani Girl with smile..

All People were very much exited to take photographs with Military officers.. Me and prak also did the same... I was very much proud to see girls over there... They look awesome with military uniform

Here My favorite ones

Golden Temple- Gurudwara

It is a punjabi temple. One of the most important place in India. After Thirupathi, in this temple they provide 24/7 food to all people, without any partiolity as rich and poor.

Me and prak had dinner here only.

It was very very cold there. They have provided warm water to wash the hands and foot and have to walk in bare foot in the temple. The white marble freeze our legs.

I was very much impressed here is there is no employees in the temple only helpers. The helpers are the devotees. from the foot wear collection to cleaning and washing the plates everything is done by the devotees.

It was awesome to see in the night. the temple was glowing. 

 We decided to have dharshan in next day
next day morning by 6.30.... OMG it is freezing cold... we entered the temple.

There was a long Que. Me and Prak joined the Que

View in the Que

Near the temple. 

 Inside temple

The temple is at center of a tank. The tank has Big and mega size golden fishes.. 

The Beautiful Morning View

Some Sadar Ji uncle provided tea to all devotees. Me and prak also got that.. Wow.. What a medicinal tea.

It is not like free tea at all, it has perfect taste, smell and content... with thuthuvala, tulsi and ginger. They understood it is winter and devotees are with cold... Especially me and prak.. We enjoyed the Tea.. and Devotees did the service of washing all the vessels in that ice cold water. What a spirituality??!!! Amazing.. !!!

JallianWala Bagh- A sad history

I remember my 5th std history lesson, where i read this. I saw those places this time. It was shocking to see all those bullet marks and not able to imagine those piercing the body...

The English Police came in this passage and blocked the passage and started shooting without information. 

The painting explaining the situation  

The Bullet marks and information


The open ground is developed and beautified   


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Monday, December 26, 2011

Kaarthigai Deepam

Karthigai Deem- A extension of Deepavali Festival.

We see North Indians lite lamps on the great and big festival of India- Deepavali.
The same South Indians do on Karthigai deepam.

I remember, I have kept some crakers for this occasion. I do remember lighting lamps along with my mom. My mom used to light the lamps which is made of brass. She also make the lamp floating in the big urli in home.

Karthigai Deepam is celebrated in the full moon day of Tamil Month- Karthigai.

This auspicious day is celebrated for Lord Annamalai who is residing at Thiruvannamalai. This is also celebrated for the Karthikeyan.

I celebrated as my mom usually celebrates this function in home... It is simple to follow.

As my Mom, I prepared
  • Pori urundai - Puffed Rice Balls
  • Inippu Pori- Sweet Puffed Rice
  • Paal Payasam- Milk Kheer
I also kept fruits for pooja. I flowered all dieties. Arranged all the lamps in a plate with cotton wick and oil in it.
Then i switched on the local tamil channel. Any live telecast of Thiruvannamalai deepam.

This live show telecast the Urchavam in Thiruvannamai. It also telecast the entire function Urchavam.

Thiruvannamalai's Dance- Annamalaiyar comes out of his Karuvarai, only once in a year for 10 minutes. This 10 minutes he gives his beautiful view with blessings to lakhs and lakhs of people who is gathering here on this auspicious day.

This dance is performed by Annamalaiyaar, in the high happiness after he gives his Half body to Goddess Sakthi.

The grand and Mega lamp in the Thiruvannamalai is lite up. This usually done by the 6.00 PM in the evening. After lighting lamp in front of Lord Annamalai.

It is followed by entire Tamil Nadu. After lighting the lamp in Thiruvannamali- Whole Tamil Nadu lights lamps in their Home. Its a beautiful day of lights.

As my Mom i celebrated this here in Delhi- Watching Live telecast in Jaya TV. I was happy to see my Sweet Home glittering. 

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