Sunday, January 29, 2012

Idiyaappam and Vegetable Stew - Sunday's Kitchen

Its been long time since I had Idiyaappam. I decided to taste this  sunday. But I was bored of Kurma. Ahhh!!!! Immediately I remember my Kerala friend who brings Vegetable stew in College. I remember the recipe she dictated to me also. So I just wanted to try Vegetable Stew for Idiyaappam. I heard she was telling vegetable Stew go well with Idiyaappam. 

I served this to Prak, He liked it very much. He told the specialty of Vegetable stew is less of spices. and its colorful.

To Make Idiyappam:

Rice Floor- 3 cups
Salt- As per taste

Mix Rice floor with hot water and make dough with out any lumps. Add little water at a time and make dough. Patience is needed. Prepare dough in chappathi dough consistency.

Take Murukku (twisters or crispies) Squeezers apply oil to it and squeeze in to idli plate. Steam it as you do Idli.

Once the Idiyaappam is done convert them in to plate and serve along with vegetable stew.

Vegetable Stew:

To Make Vegetable Stew:

Carrot- 1
Potato- 1
Corn- Few
Broccoli- Few Florets
Green Chillies- 4 to 5
Salt- As per taste
Onion- 1 Finely chopped
Ginger Garlic paste- One table spoon
Whole Pepper- 1 Table spoon
Cinnamon, Cloves- 1Teas Spoon
Coconut Milk- Thick- One cup
Coconut Milk - Thin- One and Half Cups

Heat oil in pan, add cloves, cinnamon and pepper. While peppers starts to burst add onions and fry till it turns transparent. Add chillies and ginger garlic paste and saute. Add all chopped veggies and mix well.

Add thin coconut milk and salt. Wait until it boils then close the pan and simmer the flame. Please wait until the veggies are cooked. once the veggies are cooked add Thick coconut milk, boil it once and serve along with Idiyaappam.

If you want the stew to be little more thicker, soak badams/ almonds for 10 to 15 minutes. Grind it in to fine paste add along with thick coconut milk and add to stew.

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Photos Copyright: Riyaa kathir.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dahi Cup "Plant Potter"

Delhi winter is not at all allowing my idli batter as well as my curd to get fermented. As i need dahi i ended up in buying Nestlle Dahi frequently. So i have accumulated the cups. The new Nestle Dahi cups are really cute and we can peal off its cover. So my heart was not at all allowing me to through those.

My crafty mind, told me to paint it and make it as a potter. Today is the holiday.. So executed it happily.. Prak also came and joined with me with smile. He also painted along with me.

This is also included in to my Bed Room Make over. But, At present I am not placing them in my Bed Room.

Here my Dahi Cup "Plant Potter"

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Images Copyright: Riyaa Kathir

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Paintings For Romance Room ;)

Ahhh Yaaaa..

I am in plan of making over my bed room. I always have a old feeling when ever I enter my bed room. It was a long time dream to fill my Bed room with romantic paintings made of my creations. This idea I had even before meeting my Love Man- Prak... ;)

The theme is romantic "Krishna and Radha". Here I am showcasing it for your valuable comments..

Canvas Board: 40cm X 70cm from Landmark
Paint: Camel Acrylic Paints
Model: Images searched in Google.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pongaloo Pongal!!!!!

Ah!!!! Its Pongal. i remember the days in my village with my grand mother and all my cousins. It was enjoyable moment and most joyful occasions. I remember Pongal is 5 days celebration. Now pongal is celebrated just a single day in chennai.

BHOGI- we pray this on first day. We pray to amman for health throughout the year to put hand work. I remeber my grand ma says "mariyayi". Many people does not understand this typical Tamil word used mostly in villages. the Bhogi celebrations differ from area to area. In my grand ma place, we prepare modaks (kozhukattai). We prepare Neem Leaves Kalash and turneric threads and pray to Amman.


We tie this Holy Yellow thread (normal thread applied turmeric) in our right hand or in Neck. This protects us from evil.

SURYA PONGAL- Keep Wood Stoves in front of the house. Decorating the base land with colorful rangolis. Then keep mud pot decorated and painted. Decorated with flowers and Turmeric plant. Cook pongal. WoW.. what a beautiful day...

I celebrated pongal in my balcony. I was little sad no sun rays were falling on my balcony. But I transferred all my gal stove and cylinder to the balcony and cooked pongal...


 I was very happy by the end when i did pooja... My grand ma was fully in my mind. When ever pongal comes i miss her sooo much. No body taught me all the rituals. I saw what my grand ma does, i did the same. 
Turmeric Ganesha

I should tell about my celebrations in my Village. We put big big rangolis in front of the house on this surya pongal. No body actually celebrates it very much. As each and every house has cows and cattle. 

We all goes to the place where the cattle is. we kids (once upon a time) we all will be soo exited. My lakshmi (I grown up by her milk only) and her all daughters were decorated and they look awesome beautiful. All ladies in home Keep Brass pots and strats the pongal. we do pooja and feed pongal to all cows.. We the kids.. scream and shout with full force "pongalo pongal" "Poliyoo Poli" 

Ha ha ha ha.... Think of the joy.. from the farm house, we start to each of our relative home, screaming "pongalo Pongal- Poliyo poli"... 

Next day on Kanum pongal, all other funny momments will happen.. Who asks First "Did your milk got boiled?" (பால் பொங்கியதா?) Who asks this first gets reward as money too.. All maternal uncles and other uncles asks the girls to fall in their legs to get Pongal Money.. These all fun and intimacy is seen only in Villages. I missed all those fun. 

The kanum pongal, in a big ground lots and lots of competitions takes place. I remember i have participated in most of the functions. Once my cousin got First prize in Skipping, i was too jealous on her. I feel funny to remember that now.  But i have also won prizes for dance for all the times.

I searched in to my computer for all those old photos. I could not find it. but.. when ever i get it, for sure i will update here.

Thanks for visiting.. Happy Pongal for you all..

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Carrot Halwa

Hmmm.. Its winter here in Delhi... Lots and lots of bright colored fresh carrots are available in the market. Soo in fridge, it is always loaded with carrots.

The surprise is on my birthday, December 26th just last month, Prak made carrot halwa for me.. WoW!!! Amazing. It really tasted good. I was amused by Prak culinary skills. I am jealous too. I was really puzzled how did he made. True friends, i used to browse.. surf a lot to get a new recepie and to try.. He just thought to treat me.. and he made it..


I asked him to make it for me yesterday.. I followed him how he is making and took the pics.. and here.. i am sharing..

You Need:

Carrots- 3 Nos
Milk- 500 ml
Sugar- 1 cup
Cashews and raisins- as required.


1. wash the carrots. Remove the outer skin. Grate it with the grater.
2. Heat the milk in low flame, make it more thick. The 500 ml milk should become kova. Add sugar into the milk and make Kova.
3. Boil the carrot and drain the excess water.
4. heat ghee and fry the cashews and raisins and keep aside.
5. Pour the semi solid milk Kova in to carrot and the ghee with cashews and raisins.
6. Cook untill the carrot and milk merge together and becomes think.
7. Refrigerate it for half an hour if wanted to serve cold.
8. Serve hot or Cold.

 The Yummy Carrot Halwaa

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kuzhi Paniyaram/ Idli batter pan Cake

When ever my idli batter/ dosa batter is about to get over or more sour, i used to make Kuzhi paniyaram in home. It is a wonderful snack or a dinner recipe. This is done in all south Indian homes. I am very happy to share with you all.

I just wanted to make kuzhi paniyaram for dinner, the batter was very less so added little wheat floor to make it to a consistency.


onion 1 nos
green chilli 1 nos
urad dal
cumin seeds
channa dal/ kadalai paruppu

Heat the pan with oil, add mustard urad dal, channa dal, cumin seeds.  Once mustards are start bursting add onions and green chilli, fry untill onion turn goldern brown.

Add the onion fry to the batter, mix well

 Heat the kuzhi paniyaram pan and drop one drop of oil in each portion. Put idli/dosa batter to all the portions. Wait for five minutes untill it get cooked. The sides color will started to change in to slight brown color. In this stage turn the paniyaram upside dowm. Again wait untill the paniyaram get cooked. 

Take the paniyaram out of the pan and serve with garlic chilli chutney. 

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