Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bottles with Striking Colors

At Last!!!! I got some time after my office and my home chores. This is my long time project... I collected Prak's Bottles when ever he finishes one.

I wanted to paint on it. It became very beautiful. The wine bottle was beautiful when it was nude too. It took less time.

Now these bottles are decorating my Home, Sweet Home.

(painted with camel acrylic colors)

Give all your valuable comments.... It motivates me to improve me... :)

Meet You all Soon. 
Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Appreciation- Liebster Blogger Award

Now i am really a colorful butterfly, that i got my first appreciation through my friends, fellow bloggers who silently sent this appreciation. 

Yes!!!!! Yahoooooo!!! I got my First Award Liebster Blogger Award

Liebester is a German word meaning "favorite" or "beloved" and the award goes to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers.  
I am very thankful to two of my close friends, fellow bloggers, who passed on me this award.. 

Vidhya Raghu, I really amuse on her interest on every feild. She keeps on trying things newly and she gets success in all those for her hard work. We both used to talk lot about 'how to improve the blog?!'. And one fine day, we got this in our hand. I really Salute her for her infinite range of interests. Good Luck Dear... You will reach more height. 

Swati, She is always young. Her thoughts and views are always young. She has interest and can talk about any topic under sky and even above sky. She helps me lot in everything, the list is very bigger and cant mention in this small space of my blog post. And now she did this also to me, Thanks a lot swati dear for passing on the Award to me.. I am exited and Happy to be your friend and a Fellow blogger. 

I am Happy to pass on this award to friends... 

She was my senior in school. I got the inspiration of blogging by first seing her blog only. She is a young chap, and a beautiful mom. After seeing all her recipes, Her hubby is really too lucky. I am passing on this award to your.. Her blog is amazing one.. 

I am sorry dear, I have no choice. I have to pick your nick name by your wonderful hubby as I don't know your name. 

But her blog is a amazing one. She is soo innovative and does the things very beautiful. She is a competitor for herself. Her creatives are very unique one. She is the best.


She is a nice creator. I am seeing all new things and i am really amused by her excellency in painting and embroidery. All her works are best ones. I am very happy and proud to pass on her this award.

Anusha Praveen

She is very young and her cooking is not a young one. It seems like it is experienced hands. She is a simple and beautiful person. Her blog describes her very well. She adds all yummy dishes in to her blog. I am happy to pass on this award to this young lady.

Swati, she is sweet person. She is excellent in saree painting and jwellary making. I have wondered on her free hand painted sarees. She is really blessed person and does her works with full effort. I am again very proud to pass on this award to this candy too...

I know Abhimanyu by professional. I entered his personal life and his interests through his blogs only. I love to travel, and his blogs tells all about his travels and new adventures. I am coming to know about the places and it helps me a lot to nag my hubby Prak to take me to those place. So i am happy to pass on this award to this young Chap.

There is a reall happiness when we pass on our happiness. I have passed on my happiness to you dear. You please pass on this Happy Award to your fellow bloggers who has less then 200 followers. 

This Award hels your fellow friend bloggers to get a boosting in their blogging career.

My Hearty Wishes to you all!!

Let your Blogging Journey continues with lots and lots of colors.

Looking forward your boosting comments :)