Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All Glitz Krishna's Jhula

Hello Friends!!

I too long gap, i am sorry. Was piled up with lots of works, which made me to be away from blogging. My work even cancelled the trip to Tamil Nadu next month.

I will be getting buy in coming month of August. So now itself got ready to cherrish and make my little Krishna Happy by presenting him a adorable Jhula..

all i used is very simple things.
1. old ply woods
2. card boards
3. glitter papers (golden and silver)
4. vase tape
5. chumkies, kundhans anything you wanted to decorate with
6. glue.

It is a simple Method, you will get it if you see..

Here it goes.. Pour your views friends. How does it looks???

Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Making of Ambal- A varalakshmi Nombu Special

Hellooo Friends!!!!!

I did not even thought of I will make such a post in my blogging..

But, I wanted to make a speacial Pooja this time. I was breaking my head. I had nothing in my hand.

Then my friend PRIYA, helped me. She bought a ambal face and sent me through courier. I was surprised and fell in love with the Beautiful Ambal.

So I wanted to make her sooo beautiful. Then i searched a lot and lot in google and in other blogs. Many made beautiful Ambal but there was no mentioning about procedure.

So I decided to make one, so that i can help the people who are searching like me.

It is authendic to have all made up of copper or brass what ever related to pooja. Even try to serve Neivedhyam during pooja in brass/copper vessels. If you dont have one you can serve in glass vessels or in babana leaf. 

As I dont have a copper/ brass pot (Sombu or Kodam) I went for urchasing it. The size or the shape did not convince me. But i have no choice, so I bought the one which is reasonable. 

Now in the process of maing hands for Amabal. 

1. Iron wire- 25 to 30 cms- 2 nos. 
2. New scrap cloths (i used the scrap cloths i get by my sewing salwars, you can get it from nearby your tailoring shop on free of cost)
3. Thread
4. Card or think cardboard
5. Acrylic Paints
6. Celotape

At first just cover the wire with the scrap cloth and tie with the thread..
Continue the same process untill the wire gets a convincing shape. 
Take skin color cloth and matching thread continue the same process (this is the last)


After making this, keep this aside and now make fingers for ambal. 

I just drew in a thin cardboard and painted with acrylic colors. You can do the same or you can cut it from old calenders and anything and make it matching with your ambal size.

I tied the made hand with the help of anohter wire. Tieing it with the help of thread was not strong so i did it with the wire. 

I just stuck the fingers at the wire in the end by celotape (fold the wire and make it round then stick the fingers)

(the white thread in the center of pot is nothing a simple thread which i am going to use to tie the saree)  

Here the Ambal. 

 Now tie saree for her. To make it easy, Fold the saree (horizontally) and stapler it for the convenience. It is easy to tie saree. I tried it and finished in 15 minutes.

May Ambal bless you with all that you need. Happy Nombu to all ladies. 

Dear Madhu Kishore... 

I am soo sorry for the late reply.. I am just back from my long break.. Here, as you asked me to put the full Ambal pic after alangar and pooja.. 

Hope You are happy Madhu Kishore.. 
Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wall Art 3- Line of Birds

I am Back!!!

After I saw wake up sid flim, I was really really wanted to do this. In the film while they were decorating the home, they have done the same line of birds. I am unaware what they have used, but here i have sed very simple things over here.

The birds are in my favorite BLUE *showing teath*

If you all want to see the movie where it comes, i tried lots and lots of print screen, but once after i save it my computer the picture goes. soo i am uploading the whole song. Please find out these birds

Things I Used:

Chart Blue color
White thread colored with black acrylic ( I did not get direct black color.)
If you want to color this thick thread, first wet the thread then apply the black acrylic color on to it.  This dries of quick and the wet in the thread will evenly spread the color in the thread.
Double side sticker. 


I colored the thread and once it is dry, I stuck it in the wall zic zacly. I am ready with the cut pieces of birds. I stuck the double side sticker on to it. Stuck in the wall in positions. 

We can also keep some small photos in that.

Its very easy to do it.

Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Best Encourager :)

Hello My Dear Bloggers and Blog Viewers.

I was thinking of thanking my friends who visit my blog in very regular basis and appreciate me to keep up the spirit of crafting and blogging.

So, I came with an idea to award them for their wonderful services with kind heart and beautiful encouraging words..

Here the award ..........
Goes toooo........ ;)

1. VJ Bunny on Bunny's Cornor
               She is a regular person who visits my blog and never forgets to post a comment for my creatiaons. I used to wonder on her for the spirit she has to encourage her fellow bloggers... Love you my dear friend.. 

2. MiraMira's Talent Gallery
            I should say Mira akka is God of encourages. I have seen many people who has come up with spicy, beautiful and inspiring blogs by her words.. She is the best encourager for me too whether it is about blogging, office, cooking, health and life.. My hugs and kisses to her.. Animal Smileys

3. Ranjana on Ranjana's Craft Blog

             Ranjana gave me a Award on the first day of her visit to my Blog.. See, how much she deserve for the best encourager award. She is a superb crafter where she gives best tutorials in her blog. I just inspired by her kind heart and magical fingers. claping hands smiley

4. Vai. Gopalakrishnan Sir on Vai. Gopalakrishnan

             He is a regular appreciator, viewer  and comments not only for my blog, to all his blogging friends.. I am very lucky to have such a blogging friend, who is never been tired.. DesiSmileys.com

5. Punitha on South India Food Recipes

              Punitha.... I learned how to get more blog viewers by her only. She shares the yummy foods of South India. She regularly visits mine and gives boosting words.. Love her for her humbleness. DesiSmileys.com

My Hearty hearty Congratulations for all "The Best Encouragers" Hope this award encourages you all to Encourage more..

Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Nest Name Board

Hi Friends :)

Happy July!!!!

I wanted to make a name board for myself out of my hands.. I thought let it be simple but beautiful.

So, I started my search.

1. Ply wood with rounded edges
2. acrylic paints
3. M seal
4. Googled a good Picture

I made the plywood surface salt by rubbing it with Salt Paper. Thank you Prak for doing this for me. Then I drew the picture which I have selected as theme.

Once it is dry, By the M Seal I made the name letters. It took less time for me and it was very easy too. I thought a sec, let me leave it as it is. Then my mind changed to golden letters. So atlast I painted the letters with golden color.

I am very satisfied and happy with outcoming..

Looking forward your boosting comments :)