Sunday, September 9, 2012

DIY- Satin Ribbon Garland

Dear Friends!!!

Though most of you know how to make satin ribbon garland, one of my freind cum sis, asked me to update a DIY of satin ribbon garland. i too was in need of some garlands for my pooja room and upcoming Ganesh Chathurthi. So I made two garlands, hence I am present here with satin ribbon garland DIY.

You will Need:

Steps :)

Here the beautiful Garland :))

Hope you all likes this.. Meet you all soon.. Ba bye :))
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Chair and Umbrella for Little Ganesha.. Ganesh Birthday Special

Dear Firneds..

Though I said I cant come do much things for my blog, as i am locked with my present condition of job.

But.. Lord Ganesh Showered his blessing on me and helped me to get time, and gave all the things needed for the craft right in my hand... So here.. I am back here with his beautiful chair.

The things needed.

1. Small Old cartoon box (i used double punching machine's box)
2. chumkies
3. glue
4. siver and gold paper
5. stick (as shown in Mira's Sis Umbrella for Ganesha) Or any form of stick ( I have used a paint brush)
6. Card Borad or Invitation card.

I said Lord Ganesha has blessed me, because I decided to do the chair for Ganesha in My friend's Daughter's Baptism Invitation. As i wanted to preserve it as well as wanted to treat it with holy things, I decided.. (But, fortunately or unfortunately she fought with me, literally treated me bad by hurting words for using this card.... she said Good Bye also.. May lord bless her for all her good character *smile*)

The card is a golden color with sandal fragrance. As the function was not over, I ket the invitation in to my Ambal's Padams and started to do chair in the invitation Cover. The backrest of the chair and unbrella are done through it. :) May My Bala Ganesh shower his blessings from his little hands to Little Angle of my Friend..

1. Just cover the carton box with the golden or silver glitter paper, as per your wish..
2. Place a round shapped or your desired shaped back rest in one length of Box.
3. Cut cardborad/invitation in round shape and cut one radius in the curcle. Over lape the radius and stick it with glue or stabler it.
4. Cover the stick with golden or silver glitter paper, attach it with the umbrella roof.
5. To make it stiff, you can give another one stick in the inner side if the umbrella roof.
6. attach the umbrella stem to the back of backrest. The stick should come from bottem of the chair, or the backrest will fall in front.
7. Add some cusions, or any other your desired designs and decorations using items you have and make a beautiful chair for him..

Here the Chair and Umbreall Comes..

Hope you all Like My chair and Umbrella for his Birthday.. Lets wish Bala Ganesh a "Very Happy Birthday" to him and to shower his blessings on us along with Little angle of My friend. 

P.S. Dear Friends, I am reading all your comments on my post, please do not feel bad that i have not published it and sent a reply for that, I did not pulish as i do not have much time to go through your posts. Soon will be back.. :) Please continue your support to me.. Thanks a lot .

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