Thursday, May 23, 2013

Juicy Friday - Carrot, Apple & Ginger Punch

Its sooo sooo hot here.. We have consume lots and lots of liquid. Those have to be  tasty right. So in order make Prak evenings to be surprising and adventurous,  I tried to make different Mocktails and Fruit Juices.

Happy to share those with you..

Here is the end Result.. :)

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

KFC's Choco peanut Bolt

I am a pure vegetarian, where Prak is a pure non vegetarian. When ever we visit KFC, I end up eating finger chips.

When, these krushers are newly introduced in KFC, as a chocolate lover, I opted to taste Chaco Peanut Bolt drink. It is really krunchy and heavenly in taste. I fell in love with this Choco Peanut Bolt..

This let me to get in to research on how they make it.

When I was casually watching TV, I saw KFC advertisement about these Krushers. I found the secret main recipe that is choco biscuits, peanut and milk.

So I tested my hands on making those. And yes, It was success and Prak did liked it, told it is 99% close to the real KFC krusher.

Here is recipe for you.. :)

Here are step by step Procedures..

NOTE: The most important point is, once added the peanuts and crushed oreo biscuits with blended mixture, the blender hs to run just for a second or the crunchiness will be lost.

Once it is blended.... KFC's Choco Peanut Bolt Krunches is Ready... :) Serve Chill..

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Wall Art - MP 2

Hmmm... I am in new city is a old story now. But this wall art is the new story.

I want to make a wall art, which is simple, cute yet eye catchy one for bed room. When i searched through the google, I got those cute little kids kissing each other... It looked soo cute, and I decided this should be my wall art.

As usual, I did not get the chart papers here in Siddhi. These bought in Delhi itself. And.. It is same procedure as any wall art I have done in my Blog.

How about the light lamp, moon shine and the stars.. with those cute little kids..

Here is my lovely cuties..

Hope you all like it.. Please continue your lovely support which is my energy boost up.. 
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My new Wall Art

Hi Friends!!!

Each and every time I am telling this often.. I took a real long break.. I think most of you forgot me.. But I have hope you all will come with all your lovable encouragements for sure..

You all know, I am in a new place now deep inside Madhya Pradesh. We got a very big house, which is old and with only basic facilities. But still I love the house soo much... I tried my hands here too..

As usual I did not like my plain wall in family room. Wanted to do some thing on the wall.. I decided to a wall art with same procedures as same as I did in Wall Art in 15 rupees

It is same procedure... But you know, I did not get any where black chart in Sidhi District market. Not any other colors except white.. I have bought some color charts from Delhi, and I have to use it soo limited. I have to choose a design where I use little chart.

When i checked in google, everybody liked to have a tree in living room.. Ha ha.. But prak does not need Tree. He is soo bored to see a tree back of his head as he was seeing those for whole two years. He was soo adamant that he need a Budha.... But full alter. I do not have that much chart. Soo have to do it when he is not home. So did this..

Prak liked it very much when he was back home from office. Now you all have to tell me, Do you all like my work..

Oh I did not tell anything about the words na. That is made up of Thermocoals. I did cut out of these letters. F is like T na.. Sigh!!!!!!!

I tried to color it with acrylic colors, but it did not blend good with thermocoal. Then colored it with fabric colors.. Oh, it was good then. Stuck the letters with fevicol..

Hope you all will give a try. Do comment your views on this work.

Meet you all once again.
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Free Hand Rangoli

This was on one of a Fridays..

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7 Dots Sikku Kolam

Hello Friends,

I am closing my vocation from this post.. Back for Blogging once again.. Need all your Support and wishes again as before.. Love you all

This is created by my own.

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