Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day Card

Last year, I bought card for my dad from Archeis store. This time, in this MP village I do not have a store to select a card. It gave me a chance to Make a card for my dad.

The shirt card attracted me a long before and make one for my dad. The wish came true soon.

Its a concept of card inside a shirt. Where i managed to tell my dad why He is THE BEST, by some points.

I bought some china made scissors, which give shapes to the corner. Its been a year since I bought that, and now onlyI used it.

I loved this cartoon, which I saw in google a long time. I used this here.

 Hope you like my card made for my lovable dad. Enjoy Father's day... Daughters, its specially for us. I love my dad infinity. May god bless you all.. cheers.. 
Looking forward your boosting comments :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Plate Paintings..

It was a Deepavali time, This time I made sweets in home. As the culture, I wanted to share the sweets and happiness to other people also. So bought some thermocoal plates. You all know, the whole sale person, wont give it to our need, and these excess thermocoal plates are lying in home. I got up with an idea to pain on those. The center part is a clear one and it was easy to do paintings.

Hope you all like my work.. Please write up all your C&C

See you all soon with new project. 
Looking forward your boosting comments :)