Thursday, January 23, 2014

Plastic Bag Dispenser

Dear Friends!!!

Its been a long time since I blogged. Thought of starting it again. Took up a loooong break due to some personal issues.

This project was there in my mind a long time, and now I made it.

Everybody home has a corner where all he plastic bags are collected in a plastic bag. It looks somehow untidy. So I want to change this to look tidy and also wanted to collect all the plastic bags in a neat way.

I came across this plastic bag dispenser in interest, and felt happy that I have an outlet to convert my place look tidy. This is how it looked after I made this :)

I am so happy to share what learnt and did..

All I used in this project was scrapped cloths I had which was extra bits out of my shalwar material after stitching.

Arrange all the scrap cloths as per your wish, sew them up as below.

In the below, stitch up with elastic, allow a small hole to pull out a plastic bag at dawn.

Now sew it as a cylinder, then make a strap and join up at the top to hang it on the nail.

Now hang it up, you can very easily dispense the plastic bags with tidy look.!!

I enjoyed a lot making it. And my hubby appreciated me a lot for this tidy look. :)
Hope this will be helpful :)
Looking forward your boosting comments :)

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